Jr Balance Disc pair with 10 lb Kettlebell Pair

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Jr Balance Disc pair with 10 lb Kettlebell Pair
Maximize your workout with balance & weight training. Make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts by complimenting your cardio (running, Zumba, etc.) with weight and balance training. You will be amazed at the quick results! Jr Balance Cushion - 7" (Pair) 7" Balance Cushions / Discs are smooth on one side and have pegs on the other. Use for arms, feet or hands for balance, rotation and dynamic stabilization training. Balance Cushions are more versatile than gymballs with reduced risk of falling. You can stand, lie down, kneel, do lunges, weight shift, rotation and weight training exercises. Balance cushions are a great addition for accelerating strength and balance training. å¥Unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings å¥Made of the same material as a gymball å¥Inflate with a traditional ball needle å¥2,000 pounds per square inch å¥Color: Green Kettlebells: Develop strength, power, endurance and balance at the same time -- with the Kettlebell & DynaDisc Jr. Proper use requires strength, coordination and practice with a light weight before increasing weight. Kettlebells focus on functional, whole-body conditioning because lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once.