Latex Free Flatbands Light

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Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Fat Free seem to be all the rage these days. Everyone deserves to be able to eat a full range of foods so it is great companies out there are making it possible. Just as important is everyone’s right to have equipment they can use. As latex allergies continue to surge we thought about the whole picture and created flatbands that can match any latex bands on the market, we just did it without the latex! Available in 5 resistances and color coded so you can measure your resistance needs. These bands last long, work effectively and don’t provide any of the issues you get with latex. Precut to 6 feet long and 4 inches wide or available in a whole roll you really can’t go wrong with the Spirit TCR Latex Free Flatbands. Whether you are looking to increase range of motion, flexibility, rehabilitate from injury or increase strength, flatbands are the time tested proven partner. Light weight and versatile making them perfect for travel they can make the difference no matter what your schedule is. Lemon – Light 0-20lbs Teal – Medium 20-30lbs Lavender – Heavy 30-40lbs Silver – Very Heavy 40-50lbs Ash – Super Heavy 50-60lbs