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Rubber Rope Gym (RX2)

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Product Description

Introducing the Rubber Rope Gym RX2. The RX2 is a multi position machine, using rubber rope instead of a traditional weight stack. This machine solves a number of problems that are inherent with equipment using weight stacks: cost, weight, inadequate resistance and inertia.

  • Small footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjusts to variety of fitness levels
  • Strength & toning for arms,legs,& core
  • Cost effective

With RX2 one can duplicate natural motions required during regular daily activities. Exercise is done while standing and helps improve balance. The added bonus is that the core is engaged in virtually all exercises with the Rubber Rope Gym. The RX2 also offers the opportunity for great aerobic benefits: unilateral exercises can be performed without breaks, thereby allowing users to maintain a high aerobic level throughout their workout.





Light Rope 5 lbs - 15 lbs
Medium Rope 5 lbs - 25 lbs
Heavy Rope 10 lbs - 50 lbs

Note on resistance:based on 6 ft to about 8 ft from pulley. These would increase greatly if extended beyond 8 ft. Once installed, the Rubber Rope Gym RX2 is very simple to use -- just choose from any combination of rubber ropes to create the appropriate resistance: The resistance of the ropes increase as they are stretched.


  • No setup: the R2X is always there waiting for you
  • Adjustment: Simply slide the movable pulleys to the appropriate height and choose which rubber ropes to use.
  • Vertical Adjustment travel is about 10.5 in to 90.5 in with infinite adjustment in between.
  • Height adjustments are made using a knob adjustment on the post [which clamps the UHMW plastic angle to the post].
  • The RX2 is inherently quiet during use. No clanking weights to wake the household or disturb others during training.
  • Maintenance: There is virtually none. If rubber ropes are damaged, they can be easily replaced without tools.

System Includes:

  • RX2 Unit
  • 3 Ropes: Light, Medium & Heavy
  • Single Handle
  • Double Handle


  • Waist belt (for squatting motions and works very well for standing crunches)
  • foot cuff for adduction/abduction and forward and rear extension.

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