Topaz Medical Plyo-Sled

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Our plyometric rebounding sled now includes an attachment to help strengthen the upper body. The Plyo-Sled has (8) selectable elastic bands to increase resistance gradually from 30 pounds to 400 pounds so you can progress from light resistance movement to aggressive high resistance plyometrics. Most cost effective plyometric sled on the market. 104″L x 24″W x 42″H.

Topaz Medical Plyo-SledTM Use for Rehabilitation

This plyometric exercise device supports the patient´s body completely, reducing compressing joint forces, with a frictionless glide system. This versatile system performs horizontal rebounding activities, gradually loading the target area of the body. The Plyo-SledTM has eight selectable elastic bands to increase resistance gradually from a low of 30 pounds to a high of 400 pounds.

This versatile machine works the upper body as well with our upper body attachment, saving both space and money. The Plyo-SledTM is the best value on the market today.

Use for the Athlete
Power is the combination of raw strength and speed of motion. If either is lacking, the athlete is doomed to mediocrity. With an abundance of both, the athlete knows no limits.

Our hip, thigh, and calf muscles have the ability to contract and extend in a small fraction of a second. In fact, they are forced to do so whenever we run or jump. Weight training may make these muscles contract harder, but it does little to condition their contractile speed.

For this reason, the Plyo-SledTM was created. It allows athletes to easily add power-enhancing plyometric exercises to their training programs. The Plyo-SledTM supports the athlete´s body completely, and is fully adjustable with eight selectable bands providing resistive forces to 400 pounds. This fast, acting resistance, coupled with a silent, frictionless glide system, makes the Plyo-SledTM the ultimate machine for developing explosive leg power.

  • Features of the Plyo-Sled
  • Fully welded all-steel construction
  • Oversized slip-resistant footplate
  • Pin-adjustable starting position
  • Horizontal body positioning (for minimized spinal compression)
  • Padded shoulder restraints
  • Integral hand grips