100 lb. Duracast Weight Set

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US Weight 100 lb. Vinyl Traditional Weight Set - Welcome to your basic weightlifting set, conveniently packaged in one colorfully labeled box. Weight training with free weights remains one of the fastest, most effective ways to build strength and muscle mass, and this simple yet comprehensive set from US Weight helps you do just that. The set comes complete with heavy duty vinyl encased weights that are floor-friendly – won’t scratch, stain, or rust! The informative, easy-to-read guide included will help you lift your way to health. 

(1) 4 lb. Ultra-Strong Steel Straight Bar with Textured Grips and Patented Design
(2) 20 lb. Weight Plates
(4) 10 lb. Weight Plates
(2) 8 lb. Weight Plates
(2) Standard-Sized (1”) Spring Clips