55 lb. Duracast Weight Set

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US Weight 55 lb. Vinyl Traditional Weight Set - Welcome to your basic weightlifting set, conveniently packaged in one colorfully labeled box. The set comes complete with heavy duty vinyl encased weights that are floor-friendly – won’t scratch, stain, or rust! The informative, easy-to-read guide included will help you lift your way to health. A “heavy” set for the exerciser in need of muscle! Tested, tough & economical USW products promote a healthy lifestyle of strength training. Great addition to any home gym for strength training, muscle toning, and aerobic fitness conditioning. Build a strong body with US Weight!

(1) 4 lb. Ultra-Strong Steel Straight Bar with Textured Grips and Patented Design
(4) 10 lb. Weight Plates
(2) 5 lb. Weight Plates
(2) Standard-Sized (1”) Spring Clips