BTrackS Balance Tracking System -Sport (SBS30)


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Plate + Sport Balance SW -Balance Testing and Percentile Ranking Unit

Recommended for: Certified Athletic Trainers, Sport Medicine Professionals, Sports Neurologists, Coaches

Changes in balance are common following many sports injuries, and balance testing has been mandated as a key component of most concussion testing protocols. With BTrackS™ Sport Balance, Sports Medicine Professionals no longer have to rely on subjective, unreliable and inaccurate visual testing methods such as the BESS to determine changes in balance following an injury. Instead, BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides gold standard testing results in less than two minutes, allowing for confident decisions to be made quickly regarding an athlete’s balance status.

This system Includes the following:

  • BTrackS™ Balance Plate
  • BTrackS™ Sport Balance Software