Constant Force XTend Retractable-Based Grip Extension Exerciser-Medium Resistance

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Healthy extensor muscles improve performance by increasing range of motion, circulation, speed, strength, endurance and dexterity for fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

Unlike elastic-based extensor exercisers that increase in resistance the further the unit is extended, the patent-pending Constant Force
X-Tend uses retractable-based resistance, which keeps a constant level of resistance from start to finish, regardless of how far the unit is extended. Based on Certified Hand Therapist feedback, Constant Force X-Tend is ergonomically designed and works the intrinsic and extrinsic extensors of the hand, and can isolate MP/PIP/DIP joint motion. With 4 separate retractors, Constant Force X-Tend allows each finger to exercise independently with smooth, consistent resistance, thus improving range of motion, endurance, strength, circulation and endurance more effectively.

Ideal for all sports including rock climbing, basketball, football as well as for rehab, musicians, and for the general health of your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.