Exertools Strength Bands -Heavy Resistance

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A great alternative to free weights, the Exertools Strength Bands can be safer and easier on your joints than traditional weights. They enhance normal, full body movements instead of isolating one muscle at a time. Recognized as simple, easy to use and beneficial in many aspects of strength training for both assisted and resisted movement patterns, strength bands have been integrated into many fitness, rehab and performance training protocols for over twenty years.

• Durable Phthalate Free Design With Maximum Durability
• Highest Quality Latex Bands On The Market (6’ loop)
• Easy to use with Exertools Door Anchor
• A stong complement to the Exertools Tubing with Handles and MAT Tubing System
• A perfect integration with the Exertools Activity Column

Strength Band Resistance Levels
• X-Light (0 to 10lbs) – Red
• Light (0 to 20lbs) – Purple
• Medium (0 t o 40lbs) – Green
• Heavy (0 to 60lbs) – Blue
• X-Heavy (0 to 80lbs) – Black