Exertools Total Dyna Disc & Dyna Board Package

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This package includes: 
15", 20", 30" and 20” x 40” DynaBoards, the space efficient four board DynaBoard Stand and 
  • 1 Pair DynaDisc® Jr. - 7" Diameter (Pair, green) - great for hands, feet, floor and weight-shift
  • 2 Mulberry DynaDiscs® - 13.5" Diameter - for one or two-leg exercises, seated exercises, or with dynaboards for range of motion, swing training, variable weight shift exercises.
  • 1 DynaDisc® Plus - 24" Diameter (blue) - for two-legged exercises; combine with larger DynaBoards (30" and 20"x 40") for core balance and coordination
  • Hand pump included!
The Exertools Dyna Boards are designed to assist in the use of the Dyna Discs. The boards come in 15, 20 and 30 inch circles as well as a 20 x 40 inch rectangle. Simply place the hole in the board over the Dyna Disc so the logo of the disc is showing. This assures correct alignment. The small board can be used with one foot, the 20” with two, the 30” with a wider two foot stance and/or sitting cross leg, and the rectangle board can be used as a surf or skate board as well as while on all fours for back stabilization.
The Dyna Boards are made of:
  • 30” and 20” x 40” – 5/8” Baltic Birch
  • 15” and 20” Boards – ½” Baltic Birch
  • Four board / Board Stand – 5/8” Baltic Birch
  • Aluminum oxide non-skid grip surface