Exertools Wall Mounted Activity Column (with Fixed Mounting Brackets and One URT)


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The Exertools Activity Column offers exceptional versatility and customizability. As demand within your therapeutic or training environment expands, the Activity Column can grow and expand with you.

The Activity Column comes with a variety of options. 

Need a Hi/Lo elastic tubing or bands exercise? Start with the Exertools Activity Column #EXACOL-1 which includes one multiple D-Ring URT (aka Universal Receiving Tube) that can be positioned at any spot along the vertical column. How about a horizontal and vertical rope pulling exercise? Simply add the Rope Trainer #EXACRT. Create a custom counter-to-cupboard exercise set-up with the addition of the long and short shelf #EXACSS accessories. Save $3,000-$5,000 dollars you would have to spend on a dedicated Upper Body Ergometer, by combining a table-top mini cycle with the long shelf #EXACLS. The Stabilization Bar #EXACSTB is the perfect add-on for balance or AD/AB exercises and the Spreader Bar with multiple D-Rings #EXACSRB can offer wider, more robust elastic resistance options.

This compact, versatile, and highly customizable tool will expand the range of exercises and therapies available to you.

Dimensions 18"W x 96" H