Lifeline Wall Ball-20 lb.

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The versatile Wall Ball is grippable and padded for added resistance to develop functional strength, improve muscle stability, and increase explosive power. The Wall Ball can also be used as a base for an extra challenge to coordination. Boost power in your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings, with leg lifts and curls! Get six-pack abs and a strong lower back with roll outs, crawls and knees to chest movements! Strengthen chest, shoulders, aback and arms with push ups, crawls, and pike ups! Different weights are available for extra levels of resistance and strength.



• Durable sewn polyester exterior 

• Soft interior padding for easy grip 

• Shell construction ensures stability


• Press and push to improve explosive power 

• Achieve full range of motion 

• Coordinated movements improve balance and stability 

• Freedom of movement provides inexhaustible exercise variety 

• Use as base to challenge coordination