Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Pro Sport Package

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The MR4 PRO Sport Package features the cordless MR4 ACTIV, the LaserStim™ Emitter, and the LaserShower™ Emitter. You’ll also get a set of LaserPuncture Trigger Point Probes for targeted treatment in small areas. This versatile package combines three of our most popular super pulsed lasers to give your athletes or patients safe, fast and drug-free pain relief in the clinic, on the road, or on the field.

Proven, Powerful, Safe and Effective
Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers use innovative technology to deliver light energy to tissue, which reduces pain and increases circulation.

Super Pulsing is the Key to Multi Radiance Technology
Super pulsed infrared laser (905 nm) GaAS is the essential component of Multi Radiance Medical technology. Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers deliver billionths-of-a-second pulses, combined with up to 50,000 mW of peak power for a higher concentration of light energy, or photons, driven deeper into the target tissue without any risk of overheating.

Super pulsing allows for deeper penetration than a laser of the same wavelength that is not super pulsed but has the same average output power. This is because short pulses allow for quick absorption. In addition, the period between pulses promotes a better environment for optimal pain relief.

Stay In The Game
Spend more time in the game and less time in recovery with Multi Radiance Medical’s exclusive Super Pulsed Laser technology. Whether you treat high school, college or professional athletes, Multi Radiance Laser provides athletes with a convenient, comfortable, and portable tool for treatment in the training room, on the field, or on the road.