Set of Exertools Hard Shell Exballs


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This set includes:

2,4,6,8,10,12,15,20, and 25 pound EXBALLs

The EXBALL HS is an air filled, weighted ball. The weight of each ball comes entirely from the 38% rubber shell. Sporting an, easy to see, two-tone pattern with a textured surface for maximum grip-ability, this ball offers unparalleled durability and reliability. An air valve allows for adjustment of bounce and firmness. These quality medicine balls are backed by a two year warranty. The EXBALL HS possesses the best combination of qualities to meet the non-rebounder demands of all users in every market.

  • 38% rubber
  • two tone, easy to see pattern
  • textured surface for needed grip-ability
  • air value to adjust bounce-ability
  • two year warranty