The ToePro Exercise Platform

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Improve Performance and Recovery
The ToePro foot exercise platform has been designed to improve performance and recovery from injury by optimizing exercises for the foot and ankle. It enables users to apply high forces to the muscles of the foot and leg while in their lengthened positions. Compared to conventional exercises, exercising lengthened muscles produces nearly fourfold increases in strength. 

The surface of the ToePro allows ideal concentric (shortening) contraction of the muscles during the prescribed exercises whilst the soft surface also challenges the users balance, assisting with balance improvement. Increasing toe and arch strength is important for injuries like plantar fasciitis, metatarsal stress fractures and bunions, which are strongly correlated with foot weakness.

The ToePro Foot Exercise Device is also useful for the prevention of falls in the elderly: every 1% increase in force generated beneath the big toe decreases a senior’s risk of falling by 7%. The ToePro was designed and produced by Dr. Thomas Michaud, the author of a number of top selling biomechanics textbooks used around the world. 

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