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VariGrip Sport-Adjustable Resistance Grip Exerciser (Medium/Heavy/X-Heavy Resistance)

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Introducing VariGripTM Sport...The only exercise device with patented variable tension technology for each individual finger, visual progression tracking, as well as the ability to focus on improving dexterity, circulation, endurance and strength more effectively.

  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Patented adjustable resistance allows you to customize the resistance level for each finger; ranging from Medium to Extra-Heavy resistance levels in one tool. For fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.
  • EFFECTIVE: Increase strength, endurance, dexterity, and range of motion and improve response time. Hit harder, swing faster, respond quicker, play longer and improve performance, giving you a competitive advantage!
  • ERGONOMIC: Extra-wide, extra-thick base disperses pressure evenly, padded fingertips are extremely comfortable, and improved spacing compared to other hand exercisers. Fits a wider range of hand sizes.
  • CALLUS BUILDER: VariGrip Sport is the only exerciser that includes a reversible molded grip with a textured base for building and maintaining calluses. Ideal for climbing; gymnastics; hunting; fitness and gaming.
  • CUSTOMIZE: adjust resistance level for each finger. Increase resistance for stronger fingers; keep resistance lower for weaker fingers.
  • PORTABLE: In design, VariGrip allows you to work out anywhere, anytime..