VariGrip UNO-Adjustable Resistance Thumb/Finger Exerciser-flexion and extension (X-Light thru Heavy Resistance)

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VariGrip Uno-Thumb/Finger Exerciser-Flexion and Extension

The only thumb/individual finger exerciser with adjustable resistance for BOTH flexion and extension, and an ergonomic design with stabilization points for extra support.

  • Adjustable Resistance-Extra Light thru Extra Heavy 
  • Patent-pending design allows you to gradually adjust resistance (from X-Light thru X-Heavy), as well as track progression based on the patients needs, improving strength, dexterity, endurance, and range of motion.
  • Wider, ergonomic design is easier to hold for those with weak/poor grip, and stabilization points provide extra support and prevent slippage.
  • "Visual notches located by the adjustment dial allow therapists to better create baseline and track patient progress. 
  • Includes multi-lingual, visual instructions