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The Venom by Hyperice is a wearable state-of-the-art technology that combines heat and vibration to effectively warm, loosen, and relax sore and stiff muscles prior to or during physical activity. The Venom is worn by athletes to stay loose before and during practices and games. Equipped with numerous features and benefits, the Venom is a must have product. The Venom is available in back, knee, left shoulder, and right shoulder.

  • Loosens, warms, and relaxes sore and tight muscles in preparation before physical activity
  • Features a combination of heat and vibration technology therapy for increased muscle relaxation and comfort prior to or during physical activity
  • Digitally controlled for customization of the temperature, vibration patterns, and time
  • Used by athletes to stay loose and warm during a practice or game
  • Neoprene wrap easily fits the contours of the body with adjustable straps for custom fitting

Heat & Vibration Technology

The Venom is equipped with 4 vibration pods that have three levels of vibration for therapeutic relief. The different vibration styles include constant, pulsating, and variation. The Venom is also equipped with nanotechnology that heats up to 160°F within 90 seconds for the best heat therapy experience. The combination of heat and vibration helps warm, loosen, and relax the sore and stiff muscles. Use the Venom to warm up prior to any physical activity or whenever you need therapeutic heat therapy for the most effective and beneficial treatment.

Portable & Wearable Heat Therapy Device

The Venom is a portable and wearable heat therapy device that allows greater mobility when in use compared to other traditional methods of heat therapy. The Venom is equipped with a digital touchscreen control where temperature, vibration patterns, and time can all be controlled at the tip of your finger for the most customizable heat therapy experience. In addition to wearing the Venom before physical activity or competition it can also be worn when relaxing at home, at work, before or after a massage treatment, and even on the plane (TSA approved as a carry-on). The Venom is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used for up to 2 hours in use.

Wearbale vibrating and heating device for Left shoulder


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