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3ACT Slide (Platform only)


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Restoring and improving multi-directional strength and mobility is the key for better outcomes. The 3ACT Slide is an activity-specific, low impact, weight bearing training tool that can deliver outstanding patient and athlete satisfaction as training and therapy goals are achieved. Adjustable stability blocks are the key to creating 3ACT Slide exercises.  Like traditional slideboards, they serve as a fixed stopping point, however, the circular 3ACT Slider adds a new and important dimension to the slideboard workout. Movement is no longer limited laterally like the standard lateral slideboard. 3ACT circular design and configurable stability blocks also allow for direction of movement back and forth as well as laterally, opening up an unlimited number of possibilities for the athlete and the physical therapist.

Effective for the following and so much more:

 -THR and TKR rehab

-Post-op ACL reconstructions

-Balance training

-Core training
-and so much more


3ACT Slide... because life is not a straight line.

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