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4lb Soft Shell Exball


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The EXBALL SS is available in a range of sizes from the small, easy to catch, two pound ball to the fifteen pound ball which is perfect for two hand drills. Made from a thick vinyl shell with no stitches, patches, or seams to break or unravel, these balls are tough enough to withstand even the hardest of rebounder applications yet pliable enough to be easy to catch. The textured cover (a matted/rippled pattern) makes the EXBALL SS much easier to use in high speed exercises. 

Our unique aqueous gel filling allows the ball to maintain its round shape yet have a comfortable “give” for easy catching.

Our gel completely fills the ball’s cavity, making it soft to touch with no added inertia to the ball from the filling. This feature makes the EXBALL SS safer to use than balls filled with sand, water, ceramic powder or gels with a higher water content.