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SportsArt rehabilitation treadmills are designed specifically for cardiac and physical therapy markets and come loaded with unique features, programs, and user amenities to help treat more patients more effectively.


  • Equipped with medical/rehab specific features such as reverse speed up to 3 MPH and extended handrails. 
  • MyFlex Plus deck cushioning provides 30% more shock absorption and carries a lifetime warranty. 
  • Meets UL requirements for current leakage in medical settings. 
  • Large 22 x 61 inch (55 x 154cm) belt provides ample running space and is constructed from carbon-weave, low friction material. 
  • CSAFE port 
  • Medical Handrails 
  • Optional Wired Controller 
  • Forward and Reverse Speed Function (-3 to 10 mph) 
  • 0.1 SAFE-START Speed (forward & reverse) 
  • Contact and Telemetry HR -4-Ply 22 x 61 inch (55 x 154cm) Belt 
  • USB Port (x2) for Device Charging 
  • Optional 3-Speed Fan 
  • ECO-GLIDE Auto Lubrication System 
  • Center Handle Bar with contact heart rate 
  • Optional SA WELL+
  • Dual Headphone Jack with Built-in VolumeControl