UPYA Universal Unweighing System Suit (Suit Only)


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 The Suit is:

  • Easy to get on and off (Huge time saver)
  • Unparalleled Comfort (No pinching due to lifting from thighs, waist and bottom)
  • Durable and easily to clean and maintain 
  • (Treated with anti-microbial Silvadur, machine washable on cold with light detergent / air dry)
  • One size fits 90% of the adult population. (Bariatric and pediatric in development)


The Suit is one part of the UPYA Unweighing System

Movement is life and we move with you!
The UPYA Universal Adapter and Suit System is an economical entry and/or addition to the capabilities of virtually any commercially available lifting/unweighting/support system.

Every aspect of the system is designed to allow the user freedom of motion both laterally and A/P while still being supported and/or unweighed. The Universal Adapter’s ability to connect to a lifting/unweighting/support system changes the format from a binding one or two point connection, to a four point connection which, coupled with the articulating arms, provides the user with the most safe, secure, comfortable and natural experience possible.

The UPYA SYSTEM is highlighted by the suit. It is incredibly fast and easy to put on, adjust, and take off. 
The material is both durable and flexible (no chafing), highly adjustable and the construction provides comfort for both men and women.

The UPYA system solves/eliminates all the issues related to two point connections that impede natural movement, cause user discomfort associated with buckles and straps and the various other issues presented with traditional harness products.