PowerBlock Pro 50 Commercial Set With Stand


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The PowerBlock Pro 50 adjustable dumbbells deliver premium value in the most efficient package. With unmatched versatility and ease of use you can have 9 pairs of dumbbells in 1, replacing 540 lbs. of weights. The 5 pound increments are ideal for personal training, group strength or rehab application. With the redesigned ergonomic contours the new handles are more comfortable and are easier to use. Having it all is easy with the new Pro 50 and makes saving time, space and money more simple than ever before. Includes Stand

To change the weight in just seconds, slide the selector pin into the blocks at the weight you want. Then reach inside the “core” and grab the handle. When you lift the handle, the weight you selected is lifted along with the handle.

  • Weight Range: 10-50 LBS per hand in 5 LB increments
  • Replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells or 540 LBS of free weights
  • 10 LB handles with knurled steel grips
  • Includes stand