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Semi-Recumbent Cycle 7.0R (Commercial)

Dyaco Therapeutics

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  • Fore aft adjustable swivel seat
  • Adjustable seat back angle position
  • Adjustable pedal crank
  • Low step through design
  • Bi-lateral resistance
  • Workload options
    • Constant power in isokinetic mode
    • Constant power mode
    • Isokinetic mode (pain, musculoskeletal and fatigue)
  • Interactive program adaptation
  • Bilateral symmetry power reading
  • Accommodates to the progression the pathology
  • Low tare load
  • Optional neuro-rehab pedals

The Semi-Recumbent Cycle 7.0R not only puts comfort at the forefront of a patients experience, it also has been engineered for every single workout to be highly effective therapy for recovery. Sitting in and exiting are made easy with its swiveling seat functionality. Perfect for deconditioned or assisted patients to be correctly aligned when sitting for their physical therapy session.