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Semi-Recumbent Seated Stepper 4.0S

Dyaco Therapeutics

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The Semi-Recumbent Seated Stepper 4.0S makes upper-body only, lower-body only, and total body exercise available in semi-recumbent position to minimize impact on the joints.

The linear resistance really helps to improve user’s arms and legs gain critical strength and balance.

  • Adjustable (fore/aft) seat position
  • Low step through design
  • Step length from 1"-12.5"
  • Step range is equal and reciprocal bilaterally
  • Maintain desired heart rate at the touch of a button (HR Autopilot)
  • MET program based on a prescribed target MET value
  • Adjustable handgrips in length
  • 2-degree inverted pedal for optimal biomechanics
  • Constant resistance mode