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Upright Cycle 7.0U

Dyaco Therapeutics

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  • Bidirectional resistance
  • Adjustable seat (vertically and fore/aft, numbered settings for reproducibility)
  • Adjustable pedal crank (can be changed unilaterally based on patient capacity)
  • Easy mount and dismount
  • Programmable seat settings based on patient’s height and ROM limitations
  • Workload options:
    • Isokinetic
    • Constant power
    • Constant resistance
  • Low starting resistance tare load
  • Bilateral symmetry power reading
  • Optional neuro-rehab pedals

Comfort is ensured for patients with features like its oversized, padded seat that can also be positioned with precision for an effective ride workout.

The adjustable crank length cater for patients with a limited range of motion. Tracking progress is made simple with METs/Watts measurements and downloadable workout data.

Bi-lateral (separate left and right data) power measurements and graphical feedback are integrated also to carefully monitor asymmetry in mobility so therapists can correct early during treatment for faster recovery.