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Tecnobody is an exciting mobility/stability/balance product line from Italy which offers a suite of products which provide comprehensive training and assessment programs addressing the traditional controlled protocols and offering new “out of the box” capabilities

The Tecnobody ISO-FREE is the world’s first functional  testing and training system for both controlled and free exercises incorporating the ability to recognize movements and balance for controlled and effective conscious and unconscious training.  Engineered for sports medicine, rehabilitation and occupational therapy the ISO-FREE can accommodate users on a motion analysis and force platform in concert to record, check and/or correct movements, balance and posture.

ISO-FREE is an open and flexible system. Exercises that are: weight-free, require small equipment, or use free weights can be performed on this machine with unprecedented interaction.


  • Multi-system approach to fitness and rehabilitation
  • Capabilities for assessing and managing controlled parameters simultaneously with real-time feedback
  • Multiple of training and assessment modules as well as virtual games for functional training of the upper and lower limbs



  • Assessment  modules include:
  • Balance and posture control - stabilometric (postural stability), single and double leg stance, limits of stability, modified CTSIB, and BESS
  • Dynamic – joint range of motion, jump analysis, and reaction time
  • Cone of stability – use of an ankle or hip strategy


  • Patient data file
  • Training modules for isotonic and isometric workout as well stabilometric, skill and equilibrium
  • Create powerful and specific training plans and programs with an automatic and autonomous execution
  • Offer on-the-fly, activity specific visual biofeedback
  • Virtual games for functional training for upper and lower limbs


The base of the ISO-FREE system support is a sensor-platform with four load cells which can detect in real time the distribution of loads to the ground of your patient / client. In practice, the base of support of the ISO-FREE system is a large, extremely sensitive stabilometric footboard certified Medical Device (class 1), with a ground resolution of 1mm and a frequency of acquisition of 20Hz. The top of the stand with screen printing allows you to separate the Right-Left in a clear and intuitive way and Anterior-Posterior for a correct evaluation of the position of the patient / client’s center of pressure both static and dynamic phrase.


Facing the force platform, the 3D camera system is able to “scan” your patient / client in the frontal plan. This powerful camera is equipped with two lenses: a two-dimensional camera and an infrared camera. The electronic processing of these three optical technology allowing for extremely high, as if by magic, real-time reconstruction of every single movement of your patient / client without the need to apply any marker on the body. The operator rotating the viewing point thanks to PC touch screen, it’s like putting endless mirrors around the patient giving a dynamic 360 degree viewpoint postural alignment.


ISO-FREE is an open and flexible system. All bodyweight exercises, with small tools or barbells can be carried out with unprecedented interactivity. The trainer / care giver will have a powerful communication tool where difficult concepts to be transferred as posture and control of the loads can be explained and shown easily. Today, the operator has a new ally in their training, conditioning and rehabilitation environments.