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TecnoBody Walker View Treadmill


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The Walker View is a fully equipped Woodway treadmill with an embedded PC platform capable of simultaneously assessing both gait analysis and the movement of all parts of the body. The 47" monitor, positioned at the front of the Walker view system, is a digital mirror providing the client with powerful feedback on controlling and analyzing their posture when in movement.

The Walker View is equipped with a sensitive load cell belt. This technology allows the assessment of stance during ambulation and, thanks to the powerful software interface, corrects dynamic parameters in real time. Once the test is finished, the system automatically prints the gait analysis.

With the Walker View, you can immerse your clients in a virtual environment and give them useful feedback on control in real time, both regarding their posture and the symmetry of their stance.

User Weight Capacity    330 lb. (150 kg)
Unit Weight    617 lb. (280 kg)
Width    35.4" (90 cm)
Length    108.3" (275 cm)
Height    80.7" (205 cm)
0-15% Incline    Standard Feature
0-12.5 MPH (0-20 km/h)    Standard Feature
Reverse 0-5 MPH (0-8 km/h)    Standard Feature
208/230 Vac 20 Amp    Standard Feature
All Components    1 Year
Labor    1 Year
Software    Lifetime