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TecnoBody Prokin 252


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The ProKin 252 is both a static and dynamic balance system designed for the assessment and training from a single or double leg stance. Paired with the intuitive TecnoBody software, it is easy for fitness or rehabilitation professionals to assess and evaluate each client with precise and detailed data to use to measure progress and create powerful and specific training plans and programs.

• Dynamic and static balance board
• Single and double leg stance
• 50 di–erent selectable levels of instability
• Balance tilt measurement: +/- 15‰ (maximum resolution of 0.2‰and 0.5‰ precision)
• Trunk Sensor with detection angles of +/- 30‰ AP - ML with 0.1‰resolution
• Seat tilt measurement: +/- 15‰ (maximum resolution of 0.2‰ and 0.5‰ precision)

• Assessment modules including the Romberg & equilibrium
• Training modules including rehab tracings & load training
• Protocols & analysis including patient files & comparison tests
• Games including equilibrium and flight simulator
• Integration with TecnoBody Management System